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  • Do Chameleons Shed?

    Do Chameleons Shed?

    If you have a chameleon, sooner or later you will start to notice something about their skin. It will start to become dull and have white spots all over its body. For that reason, you may wonder if there’s something wrong or your chameleon is just shedding. So, do chameleons shed? Yes, chameleons do shed.…

  • Do Chameleons Need Calcium?

    Do Chameleons Need Calcium?

    All living creatures need vitamins and minerals to survive. When it comes to chameleons, they too require them to stay healthy and strong. One particular mineral that’s important for many animals is calcium, but do chameleons need calcium as well? So, do chameleons need calcium? Yes, the chameleon needs calcium in its diet each day.…