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  • What Temperature Do Chameleons Need?

    What Temperature Do Chameleons Need?

    Chameleons are cold-blooded creatures, which means they require the sun to help them regulate their body temperature. For that reason, you may wonder what’s the temperature you should set for your chameleon. So, what temperature do chameleons need? The temperature that chameleons need will depend on the species. On average, the basking temperature should be…

  • Do Chameleons Need Substrate?

    Do Chameleons Need Substrate?

    Chameleons are beautiful creatures with their color-changing body. To complement their beauty, some people want to decorate the cage and make it more natural. One of those things is adding substrate to the cage. Do Chameleons Need Substrate? When it comes to chameleons, a substrate is optional. These are arboreal creatures, which means they spend…