Can Chameleons Eat Flies? Flies Could Kill Them

Can Chameleons Eat Flies

During the warmer months of the year, flies are everywhere. You’ll find them inside and outside your home, mostly around food that is spoiled. Since flies are insects, you may be wondering if your chameleons can eat them.

So, can chameleons eat flies? Yes, chameleons can eat flies. However, I recommend staying away from wild flies. Wild flies will usually eat things that are no clean. Most of them are rotten meat, poop, and garbage. It’s best to feed them flies that are raised as feeders, so they are not contaminated with any harmful bacteria and parasites.

Why Are Flies Dangerous For Chameleons?

Flies don’t have any toxins or anything that could hurt the chameleons. However, flies are scavengers and will usually land on and eat things that are dirty. This could be poop, spoiled food, dead animals, and other things that could harbor diseases.

As the flies land on these things, the bacteria may attach themselves to the flies.

If the chameleon eats the flies, they will get contaminated with the diseases as well.

Is It Healthy For Chameleons To Eat Flies?

Flies do have some nutrients such as protein and fat, but it’s in a very small amount.

Feeding flies to your chameleon will not be enough for them to survive off.

You can feed flies to them as a treat, but not something that should be given on a daily basis.

Can Baby Chameleon Eat Flies?

Baby chameleons can eat flies only if you either raised them or bought them from a trusted source.

Flies that have been roaming around your home should not be fed to them. These flies are dangerous and potentially could make your chameleon sick.

Do Chameleons Eat Flies In The Wild?

Yes, chameleons do eat flies in the wild.

However, flies are very quick, and it’s highly unlikely that the chameleon will be able to flick out its tongue fast enough to catch one.

How To Feed Flies To Chameleons

The best way to feed flies to the chameleon is to cut their wings off and place them in the cup.

The chameleon will see the flies and come to the cup. If they are interested, they will flick out their tongue and grab the flies.

How Many Flies To Feed Chameleons

Flies don’t have much nutrition that will benefit the chameleon, so you shouldn’t feed them too much of it.

For each chameleon, one or two flies are enough for them to eat.

Other Insects That Chameleons Can Eat


Crickets are the staple diet for many reptiles, which includes chameleons. You can feed crickets to your chameleons on a daily basis. This insect is packed with many essential nutrients that your chameleon requires to stay healthy and strong.


Grasshoppers make a tasty treat for chameleons. This insect is abundant during the summer months, which you can catch and feed them. Like many insects, grasshoppers are packed with nutrition such as protein and vitamins A, B, and C that chameleons need on a daily basis.


Roaches are packed with essential nutrition that chameleons require for optimal health. There are over a hundred varieties of roaches around the world. The two most popular are the American cockroaches and Dubia roaches. Both are safe for chameleons to eat.


Flies don’t contain any toxins and are safe for chameleons to eat. However, be careful where you get the flies from. Wild flies are dangerous as they are known to feed on things that are rotten. Most of these things are contaminated with harmful bacteria and parasites. Feeding wild flies to your chameleon will also cause them to be infected with these bacteria. If you want to feed them flies, it’s best to raise them yourself, so you know for certain they are not contaminated with harmful bacteria.