Can Chameleons Eat Collard Greens?

chameleons and collard greens

If you are a lizard owner, then you have probably wondered what the best food for your chameleon is. While most people think that lizards eat insects, there are actually many types of food that can be fed to them. When it comes to collard greens, can chameleons eat them?

Can Chameleons Eat Collard Greens?

Yes, chameleons can eat collard greens. This leafy green is packed with nutrition that your chameleon can benefit from. However, due to their high amount of oxalates, collard greens should only be fed to chameleons in moderation.

Are There Any Risks For Chameleons Eating Collard Greens?

When it comes to collard greens, there are risks when your chameleons eat them.

The first one is that collard greens are too tough for chameleon jaws. Chameleon jaws aren’t built for chewing tough foods like leafy greens. If they try to eat a leafy green, they may end up with a mouthful of mush instead of something they can chew and swallow.

Collard greens have a high amount of oxalates. The oxalates can bind to the calcium in the chameleon’s body and prevent it from being absorbed. This results in a deficiency of calcium, which can cause bone disease, muscle weakness, and deformities of the feet.

Benefits Of Collard Greens For Chameleons

Collard greens are one of the best greens for chameleons. They are high in fiber, low in fat, and provide your pet with a lot of nutrients. Collards are also an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, and iron.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system and helps your chameleon to fight off infections such as eye problems, respiratory infections, and skin infections.

Vitamin K: Vitamin K is important for blood clotting. Chameleons can bleed internally if they get a cut or scratch on their skin so it is important that they have enough Vitamin K in their diet.

Calcium: Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth. Calcium deficiency can cause poor growth rates or soft eggs being laid by female chameleons which may not hatch properly or at all. This can lead to stillborn babies or dead eggs being laid by female chameleons who are trying to lay eggs but cannot due to poor nutrition from their diet lacking in calcium.

Can Baby Chameleons Eat Collard Greens?

Collard greens are safe for baby chameleons to eat, however, you should be cautious about their intake of this vegetable. When feeding your baby chameleon collard greens, remember that too much can cause health problems and even death.

Once or twice per month, you should only give a small amount of collard greens until they reach adulthood.

How To Feed Collard Greens To Chameleons

When it comes to feeding collard greens to your chameleons, you can feed them raw or cooked. However, it’s best to feed them raw collard greens as they will contain the most nutrition.

When you’re ready to feed them, you can either let them eat the collard greens from your hand or place it into their feeding bowl.

Either choice you choose, be sure to clean the collard greens thoroughly first.

How Often Can Chameleons Eat Collard Greens?

Chameleons should not eat collard greens too often. The main reason for this is due to the high amount of oxalates in these leafy greens.

To prevent health issues, once or twice per week are enough collard greens for your chameleons to eat.


Collard greens are high in nutrition which makes them a good treat for your chameleons to eat. Just make sure that they don’t eat too much of it and only on occasion to avoid any health issues from arising.